Screen Printing Stirling

Logotech provides a screen printing service to clients across Stirling.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

If you want to have custom printed clothing for your business or to promote an event, one of the best ways to have this is with screen printing.  Logotech is experts in screen printing Stirling, and we offer our services for all kinds of businesses, events, clubs and other purposes.

Screen printing is the technique used to print larger designs onto a t-shirt and other clothing.  Most of the printed clothes you see on the High Street will be made using this kind of technique.  The result is a very high quality, durable print that is much superior to the transfer print idea that was once most commonly used.

With screen printing, colours are applied one at a time.  So if you have a basic design with few colours, this is the most cost-effective option.  But you can go as detailed as you want.  We are careful that all designs are checked first to make sure the printed item is going to be to the highest quality and that the design will translate perfectly to clothes printing.

Once the design is checked, we can then look to create the printed items.  While t-shirts are popular, there are lots of other options including jumpers, hoodies, bags, hats and even high-visibility workwear.  These can all have designs added to them to include company branding as well as to advertise events and promotions.

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