Screen Printing Paisley

Logotech provides a screen printing service to clients across Paisley.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

In terms of the most popular types of clothes to have undergone screen printing and to be used as workwear, t-shirts and polo shirts top the list.  Easy to brand and cost-effective, these clothing options can be given to staff to wear at work.  But why would you want to do this?

For starters, uniforms are both time saving and problem-solving.  There’s no debate about what is or isn’t suitable workwear because everyone wears the same.  Staff don’t need to worry about what they are wearing and therefore don’t end up being late due to wardrobe malfunctions.  Plus t-shirts and polo shirts are comfortable, easy to wear and can be fitted so can be flattering if required.

There’s a sense of team when everyone is wearing the same thing, and this is a good thing for any workplace.  There are no debates about what people are wearing, everyone can clearly see that staff work for the company and this makes them easy to recognise for people visiting the store.  Customers don’t have to leave because they are unsure who the staff are – because their t-shirts or polo shirts tell them.

Screen printing workwear is a cost-effective and reliable way to brand clothing for your staff.  You can even give them away as gifts to customers, as part of giveaways or to say thanks to other businesses.

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