Screen Printing Inverness

Logotech provides a screen printing service to clients across Inverness.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

The idea of screen printing isn’t a new one but is one that has been developed and improved with computer technology.  Screen printing is done on all kinds of materials for all types of reasons but the kind we deal with at Logotech is the printing onto clothes such as t-shirts, jumpers and accessories.

Screen printing uses a stencil and a fine mesh.  The pink is pressed through the mesh to coat the t-shirt or other item.  Each colour has its own screen and the prints are layered on top of each other to create the desired effect.  So the simpler the design, the less work is involved and the lower the cost involved usually will be.

The resulting print is a higher quality than transfer printing and will last longer.  It is a popular option for work clothes to add branding, for promotional clothes to add details of an event and even for marketing materials where t-shirts are handed out or worn by staff.  Whatever the reason, we can create high-quality screen printed clothes and accessories for your business.  And if you aren’t quite sure what kind of designs you want or how to best promote the event you are involved with, we can offer our design experience to help you out.

Contact Logotech to discuss your requirements.