Screen Printing Greenock

Logotech provides a screen printing service to clients across Greenock.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

So you have decided to have some custom printed clothes created for your business?  Then you definitely want to talk to the experts in screen printing (that’s us!) to get expert advice on how to make the best of your project.  But before we start to chat, here are a few tips about planning a screen printing project to help you build an idea of what you want to do.

First, let’s look at what can and can’t be printed onto.  T-shirts are a very popular medium as are polo shirts, jumpers and hoodies.  It is worth saying that anything with zips such as zipper hoodies or even tops with zips, it is worth having a design that can be split around the zips – because zips don’t print well.  So if you want to use a zipper hoodie, for example, it might be worth having two designs, one for either side of the zip.

Some tops don’t work so well with some types of design.  Jumbo prints are these big, full-sized prints that are very popular, but they don’t work well with every type of top.  Tank tops are one example – there’s just not enough top to fit all of the design onto.  V-neck t-shirts can prove a problem if you want to have those jumbo prints as the v-neckline can spoil the look.

Finally, the material of the clothes can also play a part in the ability for it to take the printing.  For example, ribbed garments don’t work well for printing – the ribbed nature of the material means it creates inconsistent effects.  Some pique polos aren’t ideal for printing and burnout tees can also sometimes not work well because the material isn’t smooth.

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