Screen Printing Falkirk

Logotech provides a screen printing service to clients across Falkirk.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

Screen printing has quickly become a popular and cost effective way to create branded clothing for your business.  With its ability to make large, multi-coloured prints that withstand repeated washing, it is an ideal way to create workwear for staff, items to give as prizes or as thank you’s to loyal customers and also for sports teams, clubs, schools and other organisations.

We offer a wide range of screen printing for our customers.  If you want to have printed t-shirts with a company event on it or something that the company is sponsoring, these can be made and distributed ahead of the date for advertising.  You can have staff wear them around the building to showcase what is happening.

Printed everyday workwear is also a popular option.  Whether it is a simple logo on the pocket of a polo shirt or a printed hoodie, there are plenty of options to allow your staff to wear something branded.  This helps customers identify who to turn to for help and creates the sense of a team, all wearing the same clothes.

Teams are another group that we often make clothing for.  Hats, bags, t-shirts and other items of clothing can all have the team logo, slogan or other information added to them and given to team members to wear.

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