Screen Printing East Kilbride

Logotech provides a screen printing service to clients across East Kilbride.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

So, you want to have some custom t-shirts for your business or to sell online?  The best option in most cases is to use an expert in screen printing (like us!).  But what information is needed for us to start creating your t-shirts?

The first decision you need is what type of shirts to use – because you aren’t just limited to t-shirts.  We can print designs onto t-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers and hoodies, bags, hats and more.  So, the first stage is to decide what you want printing based on how you plan to use or sell it.

Once you know what is going to be printed, next you need a design and colours for it.  We can work with you to go through the options, how screen printing works and how your ideas will work in real life.  For example, some designs work best on white t-shirts, some designs can’t work because of the zip in the hoodie and so on.

With your design in place, you can then decide on the quantity.  If you are selling for an event, think about how long you have and how you will sell them as you don’t want leftovers for something time specific.  On the other hand, for ongoing use such as for staff to wear at a business, look at bulk discounts to keep costs down.

Finally, we can then tell you about turnaround time and when the clothes will be ready.  Then you can decide whether you want to collect them from us or have them delivered and start your distribution process.

Contact Logotech to discuss your requirements.