Screen Printing Dundee

If you are looking for screen printing Dundee for your business, event or even as promotional items, Logotech can help.  We offer a comprehensive range of screen printing services to help our customers get personalised and specific printed garments including t-shirts, polo shirts, jumpers, bags and other kinds of workwear.

Screen printing is known to produce one of the top quality results in any of the printing options.  It uses a hot air dryer to cure the printing and ensure that it stays put.  This effect lasts for a long time, retaining colour and clarity after multiple washes.

We supply screen printed garments to a wide variety of businesses.  These allow companies to create that seamless customer experience by ensuring it is always clear who works for the company.  Shared workwear cuts down the problems of inappropriate workwear and creates a sense of teamwork, with everyone wearing the team ‘colours.  It is also a business expense that can be put against tax returns each year.

Screen printed clothing can also be used for other purposes.  Special events such as concerts and festivals often offer printed t-shirts as a commemorative purchase.  Bands and musicians have their latest album printed on t-shirts to sell at the gig.  Clothes can also be promotional materials, telling the world about the event simply by wearing the top.

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