Bag Embroidery

Logotech provides an bag embroidery service to clients across Scotland.  We can pick-up and deliver anywhere across Scotland.

There are lots of different ways to brand workwear and other products to help spread the word of your company.  One of the ones that aren’t always added to the list is to create branded bags – and while plastic bags are okay, one of the best options is to use bag embroidery to have high quality, reusable and eco-friendly bags relating to your business.

Bag embroidery comes with a lot of options.  You can keep it simple and supply shopping bags that have a logo stitched onto them.  Or you could go for something bigger and more detailed, including the company name, phone number, email or even location.  You can have themed bags that use imagery as well as some branding to create ranges – and customers may want to have more than one.

However you approach it, the benefits of bag embroidery are similar to those of embroidered workwear.  You can make sure people become familiar with your brand, associate it with what your company does and build customer loyalty.  With bags, you are providing something that is very practical and with the push-back against plastic, it also helps enhance the company’s green credentials.

Bags can also be given out as part of prize drawers, giveaways or other promotional events.  You can make them suit the event or have general bags that can be re-used for future promotions if you don’t hand them all out.

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