Printed T-Shirts

Logotech provides a comprehensive one-stop resource for all T shirt printing in Scotland, starting with the selection and provision of the T-shirts themselves to that of the design and conceptualisation of the logo, or marketing message to be printed on the T-shirt.

T-shirt printing has so many uses for businesses of all kinds.  One of the most popular reasons for using it is to have t-shirts with the company logo or other marketing materials printed onto it.  These can then be worn by staff around the business.  Not only does this help to reinforce the branding with visitors but it also makes it very easy to spot members of staff and get the assistance that you need.

Printed t-shirts can also be used as promotional materials.  Let’s say you launch a new product and do a giveaway.  A great prize in it is to offer a branded t-shirt printed with a logo or something about the new product.  This involves customers in it and is also a great way to have them do some advertising for you!

Printed t-shirts aren’t just for companies either.  Many clubs, societies or even event organisers make use of them.  They are a fun way to spread word of something and to create a sense of belonging between people wearing them – that’s why football shirts and band t-shirts are so popular.

We print all of the t-shirts we create ourselves using state of the art equipment and systems that means we get the highest quality finish and most reliable long-term results.  So if you want to get the benefits of t-shirt printing for your company or event, get in touch today!

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