Customised School Clothing

Logotech provides a comprehensive one-stop resource for all School Clothing printing in Scotland.

Having customised school clothing is an ideal solution to allow kids to wear clothes other than their uniform but still fit in with school rules.  They are also an ideal way to make a little extra income for the school for projects and sports teams through the sale of clothing with the school or team logo on.

At Logo Tech, we offer a wide range of customised school clothing options.  These include simple t-shirts and school sweats as well as jerseys for teams.  We have polo shirt options that are ideal for clubs and simply to have the school logo on.  We have a range of shirts and other school uniform items that can easily be branded and make sure that they fit the school dress code.

As well as the basics of school wear, we also offer a range of leisurewear items that the kids can wear outside school or for social events.  Examples include sweatshirts and hoodies that can feature their school logo, team or club information and more.  From simple patterns down the sleeve to full front prints, we can cover them all.

We even offer backpacks and bags, caps and baseball hats to be printed with the school information.  Your school can set up a dedicated clothing department to supply all of the children’s needs and even provide workwear options for teachers and other staff.