Printed Sportswear

Logotech provides a comprehensive one-stop resource for all Printed Sportswear printing in Scotland, starting with the selection and provision of the Printed Sportswear themselves to that of the design and conceptualisation of the logo, or marketing message to be printed on the Printed Sportswear.

Whether you run a sports club, a leisure centre or simply have a fan club for a particular team, printed sportswear is brilliant.  It lets you have the right imagery, create a branded product for all the team to wear and can even be used as advertising or fundraising.

Here at Logotech we have created printed sportswear for lots of different clubs and sports.  Sometimes these are items to wear during the sport, other times it is leisure items carrying the team’s information.  We create high quality, versatile clothing that will last the longest time and stand up to repeated washing.

Another great use for printed sportswear is to promote the team or club and raise funds.  Raffle prizes, giveaways and other fundraising efforts can use printed t-shirts with the club’s information on it as prizes.  This is a fun option and also makes people feel more involved.  Plus it gets you a bit of free advertising for your club!

You can even create event-based sportswear.  If the team has won a competition or an event, then commemorative t-shirts could be created and sold to team members, family and fans.  Or you could create a schedule of team events on a t-shirt to raise awareness of what is happening and when.

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