Printed Fleeces

Logotech provides a comprehensive one-stop resource for all Printed Fleeces printing in Scotland, starting with the selection and provision of the Printed Fleeces themselves to that of the design and conceptualisation of the logo, or marketing message to be printed on the Printed Fleeces.

When you think about printed clothes, things like t-shirts and polo shirts come to mind.  But you can also have printed fleeces that are ideal to have that branded workwear for staff that work outside or like to have an extra layer for the winter.

Printed fleeces work on the same principle as other clothing but there are a few specific considerations.  For example, zippers and pockets on fleeces need to be considered when creating the design.  Zips particularly don’t print well, and it is always a good idea to keep away from seams.  So that’s why either pullover fleeces or designs that fit on either side are the best options.

We often use heavier inks for the thicker material of printed fleeces and consider any layering of the material.  For example, there’s often a fleece on the outside and jersey weave under it so we need to take this into account as the two layers can move during printing.  Fleece is also a little more prone to shrinking when washed than t-shirt materials, so this is often taken into account when the design is created.

It can take a little longer to produce printed fleeces than t-shirts due to the thickness of the material.  This means it takes longer to cure and dry the inks so allow a little more time when you order the clothes to account for this.

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