Printed Bags

Logotech provides a comprehensive one-stop resource for all Bag printing in Scotland, starting with the selection and provision of the Bags themselves to that of the design and conceptualisation of the logo, or marketing message to be printed on the Bags.

With the growing concern about single-use plastics and the cut back on carrier bags, many people have taken to carrying reusable bags with them for their shopping.  And this presents a great opportunity to promote your business or event – by having customised printed bags made.

Printed bags use a similar process to printed t-shirts or hats in that a logo or other artwork is printed onto the material of the bag.  This is a long-lasting and durable screen print that is very high quality and can involve quite complex and intricate patterns or designs.  Once it is printed on the bag, it is relatively weatherproof and will work well to advertise the business on the bag for a long time.

There are lots of things you can do with printed bags too.  You can sell them for a small fee in shops in the way that supermarkets sell their ‘bag for life’ products.  This makes it easy for customers to buy when making a purchase and means they are advertising your company every time they go shopping.

You can even give them away as prizes or promotional items – they are practical and useful for people but also have that branding to promotes the business.  If you are hosting an event, you can have bags made for the event with details on and give them out as commemorative items where suitable.

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