Why do we Love T-Shirts?

Hands up if you have a few t-shirts in your wardrobe?  I bet most of us have our hands in the air because we love our t-shirts.  But why?  What makes them the go-to item for everything from popping to the shops to promoting our businesses?

One of the main reasons t-shirts are great is that there are so many styles and colours so you can personalise your outfit.  From simple short sleeved to long sleeve, tank tops and even sleeveless, there are loads of styles.  They come in every colour you can imagine and also there’s the graphics or printed tee that comes with added character.

This printed t-shirt is brilliant for things like souvenirs or commemorative items.  You go to a gig and grab a band t-shirt on the way out or a fun printed t-shirt from the sports event you took part in.  And for the business behind those t-shirts, they get free advertising too!

Because t-shirts are versatile and easy to wear, you usually have a few of them in the drawer so you are never short of something to wear.  And there’s no rule about wearing t-shirts in a set way – from throwing them on with jeans to pairing them with shorts, a skirt or anything else, you can use them for casual or even semi-smart.

So there are lots of reasons why we love t-shirts – what’s yours?

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Why do we Love T-Shirts?