T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing is popular for everything from company promotions and branded workwear to giveaway prizes and employee workwear.  There’s almost nothing we can’t print onto a t-shirt but how do you know what to choose?  Here’s some tips that we use to help guide our customers when they are planning their t-shirt printing.

For starters, have an idea about what you want on the t-shirt.  If it is something simple like the company logo, basic company information or a graphic that you use in other parts of the business, this is pretty straightforward.  But if you want something more complicated, a bigger design or something promotional, then think about what you want – and also how it will look when people wear it.

Getting into loads of detail can be great but sometimes simple is best for t-shirt printing.  Not because the equipment can’t handle the detail but sometimes if you include too much on the top, the overall effect is diminished.  Also consider your market – if you plan to sell the t-shirts, who will buy it?  If staff will wear them, how will it look around the shop?

Working with a quality printer is also important.  While there are loads of ways to print t-shirts, screen printing is one way to ensure the best quality finish and the longest lasting product.  You don’t want a design that washes off after three runs through the washing machine!

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T-Shirt Printing