Screen Printing Services

Across Glasgow & Scotland

Screen printing is a clever technique where ink is pushed through mesh stencils onto the textiles.  It is a more complex printing technique that other approaches but is one that we specialise in at Logotech because it gives a very high-quality finish.  It also allows us to automate much of the process and means we can create larger batches quickly, ensuring you don’t have a long wait for the printed items you require.

A range of business has used our services including educational institutions and even sports clubs in the area.  We can print directly onto garments to offer the best quality printing and cure them with a hot air dryer for a consistent finish.  Screen printing services are quick, efficient, high quality and can work on the widest range of clothing.

If your business wants branded workwear for staff or logos on items of clothing to give away as promotions, we can quickly prepare them for you in a range of different styles.  We offer t-shirt and polo shirt printing, sweatshirts, sportswear, caps, hoodies and fleece jumpers.  We even print into dress shirts for establishments requiring a formal attire for staff.

If you want a different look to your branded clothing, we also offer embroidery services where we can machine embroidery logos and other designs into clothing.

Screen Printing Services