School Embroidery Services

For many schools, the uniform is a compulsory thing that students need to wear.  One of the big elements of this is something that features the school crest.  This is often on jumpers, sweatshirts or jackets.  If your school or institution needs school embroidery services, Logotech are here to help.

The process is a relatively simple one.  We will work with you to decide what you want to have embroidered onto the clothing.  This is often the school crest with things like the school name or a motto also included.  Once you have decided what is to feature, the other thing to decide is the variation of clothing it will be added to.  For example, do you want to have a range of jumpers in sizes suitable for the student age range?  Or do you want to have customised t-shirts so that students have something for warmer months as well?

The final step is the production, and this is where our state of the art systems come in.  They ensure the highest quality finish and a repeatable quality – all of the items we embroider are to the same standard.  This means all the children wearing them will be wearing identical pieces of clothing, simply in different sizes.

This same process can be used for school teams, sports teams, organisations and other areas within the school.  That sense of belonging and being part of something is hugely beneficial for kids and can help them feel comfortable and safe in the school environment.

Please contact Logotech to dicuss your requirements.

School Embroidery Services