School Clothing Embroidery

School clothing embroidery is the best way to get a high-quality finish to school clothing.  We offer a wide range of ways to personalise clothes but when it comes to producing school clothes for kids to wear, then embroidery produces ideal results.

With embroidered clothes, you get that great finish but also that is rough enough to withstand frequent use from kids.  Embroidered logos will wash multiple times and retain their colour and shape, so they have a great lifespan.

We can embroider a range of different items into school clothing.  This can include the school logo or saying as well as other branding associated with the school.  It can also be applied to things like school clubs, sports teams or other groups.  The school can then offer a range of branded clothing for parents to purchase for their kids.

In terms of the types of clothing, there are lots of options as well.  We offer traditional items such as polo shirts and jumpers which are most often worn during the school day.  We can also add logos to t-shirts, hoodies and even to some types of jackets.  Bags and hats can also receive the same treatment to be added to the range of branded items available.

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School Clothing Embroidery