Printed Hoodies

Printed t-shirts and polo shirts are brilliant but what if your staff spend a lot of time outdoors?  Then those printed t-shirts won’t see the light of day for a good portion of the year!  Instead, why not consider printed hoodies so that your company branding, and the message is always easy to see.

We offer a range of printed hoodies for your business.  Add a logo to the front, a slogan on the front of a non-zipper hoodie or even something on the back.  We can help you to decide what designs to use and how to work with the style of hoodie you want.  Once you know what you want and where on the garment, we can organise the printing to the highest quality.

Staff can easily be recognised as working for the company when they wear a branded hoodie.  They also make great giveaway prizes and promotional items, especially if your business is one with an outdoor focus.  And with them carrying business information, they are a practical and warm way for staff to advertise your company while going about their work.

We can print on hoodies, zipped and over the head styles, as well as a range of other types of clothing.  If you want to have a whole range of items available with coordinating branding, we are happy to quote for this.  Or we can simply create a batch of stylish and branded hoodies for staff to wear.

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Printed Hoodies