Event T-Shirts – Customised to Your Requirements

Here at Logotech, we offer a wide range of event t-shirts – customised to your requirement.  But before we make them, it is worth considering what you want to have on the t-shirts and what the purpose of them is.

You probably already have your branding in place but if you don’t, you might want to figure this out because branding your event t-shirts is always a good idea.  If you plan to give them out to promote the event or to people attending, then you want to feature your company information and some form of branding as part of this so people associate you with the event.

If the t-shirts are being gifted or handed out to advertise the event, you want to consider what people will wear.  Having big and bold branded imagery might be great for advertising but if no-one would wear the top, then it isn’t going to do you much good.  Something a little more subtle might work better.  But if the t-shirts are going to be worn by staff during working hours, then you can be as big and bold as you want!

For event souvenirs, t-shirts are brilliant and can bring in a steady extra source of income.  Go for casual and wearable while still having that branding in there.  Think of them a bit like a billboard advertisement that will help showcase the event even after it has finished.

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Event T-Shirts – Customised to Your Requirements