Custom Embroidery

Across Glasgow and Central Scotland

Custom embroidery is often seen on workwear for shirts and t-shirts that staff wear while serving customers on a shop floor.  And this is a great purpose for it, but it isn’t the only one.  And there are lots of benefits to having such custom embroidery.

An expert in machine embroidery can add nearly anything to clothing.  This might be a logo, company name, a club badge, a tagline or even a slogan associated with a group or team.  The embroidery can be small and quite discreet or bigger and bolder, depending on what you want.  And the high-quality nature of the embroidery means that it lasts the longest time and retains its colour after many washes.

Branded clothing is a great way to get publicity for the company, team or group.  Simply by wearing clothing with the logo or name on, people will be exposed to it and often ask what it is, what the company does or what kind of sport or hobby the group is involved with. 

Branded company workwear is also important to create a professional appearance for all staff dealing with customers and to ensure they are easily identifiable.  This makes for a better experience in the shop when people easily know who to turn to for help.

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Custom Embroidery